Designed and Engineered to Prepare Shooters for the Realities of Armed Combat
At the core of all Jedburgh Targets is randomization. This change from traditional targets forces a significant shift in the training paradigm. Shooters are unable to predict which target will appear as a threat and are likewise unable to predict how many rounds are required before a target will fall. Shooters are forced to quickly and accurately apply all the fundamentals of firearms handling during each engagement.
The Power of Uncertainty
A revolutionary Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is the brains of our targets and is designed to mirror the variability of a human attacker. The primary variable for Jedburgh targets is the number of rounds necessary to "win" each training engagement. The PLC also determines which target will appear as a threat, and can even randomize the number of threats confronting a shooter. On each iteration, the PLC selects the required number of hits for each target and the target order, within parameters selected by the firearms instructor.

Randomization - Fully programmable targets including randomized round count, randomized target order, and random number of targets. There's no "gaming" these targets.

Electric - Runs on any 110/220 power source, including generators. Plug in the control panel and start training. No batteries to charge, no air compressors or refillable tanks.

Portable - The targets can be moved on the range to best support training objectives. A complete system including targets, control panel and all accessories fits in a standard pickup truck.

Wireless Controls - Programmable via iPod Touch (included) allows instructors to position themselves on the range to best support the training. Split times are also recorded for shooter feedback.

Target Options - Systems can be fitted with either AR500 steel, or self-healing polymer targets, or a mix of both. Replacement targets are inexpensive and available in different colors.

Durable - The target base is armored with AR500 steel, protecting the components downrange.  Additionally, the targets are waterproof and impervious to weather conditions.

The randomization of firearms targets, available only from Jedburgh, forces shooters into a continuous cycle of properly identifying the threat, accurately engaging the threat, and then quickly assessing the threat to determine if additional shots are required. This loop of identify, engage, and assess mirrors the process necessary to be successful in a gunfight - at any distance, with any caliber, using any weapon platform.
Training against a Jedburgh target teaches shooters that EVERY gunfight requires a non-standard response. 
Don't Just Learn to Shoot
Learn to Fight

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